my subtle sparkle

Do you have those white while situations with sewing patterns? When you’re always on the look-out for a perfect pattern for certain type of garment, like I don’t know – a perfect trench coat or a perfect cigarette pants? Because I do. I have so many sewing white whales, it’s like a Waterworld over here. Just without Kevin Costner.

Enter the perfect button-up.

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my granny skirt

Not that I’m trying to keep things in chronological order or anything, but it just happens that this skirt is the first thing I made after returning home from London and with the first fabric I bought while I was there. Plus – it’s probably my favourite thing I made in 2017! Which all makes it a perfect candidate for a first FO post of the blog, don’t you think?

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my London fabric finds

So to get this blog party started I thought I’ll go on and share all my fabric finds from London with you!

I know it’s not something one would think by looking at the picture above, but I’m actually not a giant fabric hoarder! Maybe I was years ago, but I prefer to think of that period as my stash building stage rather than fabric hoarding. 😀 Now when I’m more experienced and already own a hefty amount of fabrics, I do my best to say no to unnecessary trips to fabric store. That being said, you can’t really visit a place like London and come back home with no fabric! I mean that would be just wrong, wouldn’t it??? In my defense, for almost all of these purchases I had a pretty clear vision what I want to use the fabric for (and two of them I already turned into actual garments), so that should count for something!

Now that we have that sorted out, let’s dive into this sea of fabrics! And I have to warn you – this post might be a looong one.

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