my Judy dress

This is a dress I made back in June after binge watching Dead to Me over one weekend and immediately deciding that I need to recreate everything Linda Cardellini wears in that show. Seeing a movie or TV show and getting fixated on the wardrobe is something that happens to me VERY often – there was a period of time when I was battling strong urge to recreate every outfit from 500 Days of Summer and make a blog around that. And then the same thing again just with La La Land. And Pushing Daisies before that. But I digress. What was I talking about?Read More »

my Pensée top

Once again, I’m dusting off the cobwebs from my ye old blog to bring you another pattern review! To be honest, I quite like having a reason sit down and document my sewing in more words than a quick Instagram post calls for. I enjoy sewing and writing about it, but when it comes to taking photos and assembling a blog post it can take some arm twisting.. So thank you Deer&Doe for asking me to review your pattern and hence forcing me to write a proper, more than 2,200 characters long caption! We can all use a little push sometimes 🙂 Read More »

my Magnolia dress

I will go ahead and assume  that most of you who read my blog also follow me on Instagram, so you’re aware of me being alive and well and still sewing. And you can go ahead and assume that the reason why I haven’t blogged anything in the last 7 months is cause I’m, well, lazy. And we would all be right in our assumptions! So with that said, let’s skip my colloquial excuses and go straight to the fun stuff – which is my shiny new dress!

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my subtle sparkle

Do you have those white whale situations with sewing patterns? When you’re always on the look-out for a perfect pattern for certain type of garment, like I don’t know – a perfect trench coat or a perfect cigarette pants? Because I do. I have so many sewing white whales, it’s like a Waterworld over here. Just without Kevin Costner.

Enter the perfect button-up.

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my granny skirt

Not that I’m trying to keep things in chronological order or anything, but it just happens that this skirt is the first thing I made after returning home from London and with the first fabric I bought while I was there. Plus – it’s probably my favourite thing I made in 2017! Which all makes it a perfect candidate for a first FO post of the blog, don’t you think?

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my London fabric finds

So to get this blog party started I thought I’ll go on and share all my fabric finds from London with you!

I know it’s not something one would think by looking at the picture above, but I’m actually not a giant fabric hoarder! Maybe I was years ago, but I prefer to think of that period as my stash building stage rather than fabric hoarding. 😀 Now when I’m more experienced and already own a hefty amount of fabrics, I do my best to say no to unnecessary trips to fabric store. That being said, you can’t really visit a place like London and come back home with no fabric! I mean that would be just wrong, wouldn’t it??? In my defense, for almost all of these purchases I had a pretty clear vision what I want to use the fabric for (and two of them I already turned into actual garments), so that should count for something!

Now that we have that sorted out, let’s dive into this sea of fabrics! And I have to warn you – this post might be a looong one.

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